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Cylsée is a group built up around a musician and a repertoire of compositions that draws on Occitan poetry (South of France) and is freely inspired by Mediterranean oral traditions.


The texts of famous Occitan poets such as Max Rouquette and Léon Cordes are combined with original texts in Italian, French, Spanish and other languages.

It is a dreamlike world tinged with playfulness and nostalgia that ranges from melodic songs for voice, viola and guitar, to denser and more dynamic pieces.


Cécile's warm and clear voice blends with Marine's polyphonic singing, while her viola and guitar are accompanied by Rachid's oriental percussion, Goran's bouzouki and Paul's bass guitar and cello. 


The set forms a spellbinding, sincere and resonant musical moment.


The group have performed in famous world music festivals in France, such as Sylvanès (Aveyron region), Occitània (Toulouse), Les traversées du Tatihou (Normandy region), Convivència (Arles), and various concert halls.

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